Kapiti Island

The club runs trips to Kapiti Island as volunteer working parties for DOC

The past pattern has been that DOC will provide accommodation which has full kitchen facilties and bunks.  DOC will also subsidise the food so the evening meal is usually organised on a group basis.  You only need to take a sleeping bag, pillow slip, towel and food for breakfasts and lunch.

Becuase the Island is a sanctuary your gear will need to be inspected before boarding the boat for and weeds / seeds and to make sure no errant mice have got into your bag.  Any food must be in a sealed container.

People who are planning to join a club trip to Kapti Island must first read the details on the form you can Information for Volunteers."

There are forms which need to be completed for DOC covering emergency contact details and a standard OSH declaration.

The forms required by the Trip Leader can be downloaded here:

Emergency Contact Details

Volunteer Consent Form

Additional information