Trip Leaders Responsibilities

Before the trip

Trip leaders must email or text the Chief Guide (and additional contacts) with the names of the people going on the trip and provide a summary of the planned route and estimates times for leaving and returning.

Trip leaders are expected to take a club first aid kit and the club PLB with them on all club trips. Let the Gear Warden know in advance of your trip and these can be picked up at a club meeting.  The Trip Leader will distribute communal gear such flys, first aid kit and PLB evenly amongst the stronger members of the party.

During the trip

At the start of the trip, and again each morning and at critical points along the way, explain the planned route - the terrain, highlights, any challenges or difficulties likely to be encountered, and backup plans.

Use a map to familiarise each member of the party with the route and surrounding area. Set expectations for the conduct of the trip; including when it's appropriate for faster participants to travel ahead and when it's not. Remind participant to not get too far ahead and to wait at intersections, rivers and the like.

Set approximate time frames for lunch and breaks so people know where to wait and when. Remind participants of their obligations to help others through obstacles such as wind fall or across rivers.

If the party does decide to break up into faster and slower groups, agree on a 'tail end charlie' to look after slower or less experienced trampers – this may well be the trip leader. Trip participants have a responsibility to stay together and assist other participants.

After the trip

Report back to the Chief Guide by text as soon as possible to advise the group is safely out from the trip.

Make sure someone on the trip has agreed to write a report for the cub newsletter and send this to the Editor within the next week.

Make sure someone on the trip is responsible for coordinating photos for the club album and passing them to the Club Photo Album Organiser within the next week.

Make sure the club first aid kit and PLB is passed on to the Trip leader for the following weekend’s trip or handed back to gear warden.

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