Trip List

Current Trip List - Get a copy here:

Trips are held nearly every weekend. If you want to participate in a club trip then you should try to come to the preceeding Club Night but if you cannot make that then ring the Trip Leader.

Trip Leaders have the absolute discretion as to who can go on the trip so if you are not known to the Trip Leader they may want to talk with you beforehand to satisfy themselves that you are capable of doing the trip.

Trips are categorised as follows:
E Easy: Upto 5 hours per day usually on formed tracks with bridges when appropriate and not too many hills.
M Medium: Upto 8-10 hours per day. Tracks might be quite rough, rivers may need fording and there might be a fair amount of up and down.
H Hard / Fit No particular limit on how long you will walk in a day. You should be able to handle off track walking, be comfortable in rivers and have a good level of tramping fitness.

People must have their own DOC Hut Passes or tickets, when required. When cars are shared you will be expected to make a donation to the driver at the rates the club has establish. The expected amount is listed with each trip.

Go the What to Take page for more information about Gear.

Contact Information:
The club has a standard form which you should complete and leave with your family / close friend which covers what to do if there is some sort of emergency on the trip. Get a copy here.


As a general rules dogs are not encouraged on club trips. If you want to take your pet pooch you must first discuss this with the Trip Leader whose decision is final.

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