Gear falls into two categories Party Gear & Personal Gear.

Party Gear
The Trip Leader will determine whether any communal gear is to be taken. You may be asked to share in the carrying of this.

First Aid Kit
All club trips take a Club First Aid Kit but this is not intended for minor personal first aid needs. You should take your own personal First Aid Kit which should contain a few strips of elastoplast, sun cream, headache pills, blister plasters if needed. A small pair of scissors and needle & thread are also a useful personal item.
Emergency Kit
You should have a whistle, survival sheet, some extra food (eg soup) and matches (in a watertight container)
Maps / Compass / GPS
The Trip Leader will ensure that these are carried - you may be asked to assist. These days it is not uncommon for several people on a trip to have their own GPS.
The club has these and the Trip Leader will ensure one is taken. You can bring your own if you wish.
Personal Gear
You must have good footwear, pack and rainwear. More detailed information on personal gear is on our Personal Gear page.
In these days of lightweight gas cookers and commercial dehy food it is usual for everyone to be responsible for their own food & cooking. Go to our Food for more detailed information.

If in doubt check with your Trip Leader !

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