Personal Gear

Pack:You need a good pack that is comfortable for you. Use a packliner (the club sells FMC Liners for $2) to keep gear dry inside.
Rainjacket: Absolutely essential. Should be a good length - close to your knees, have a hood and be waterproof.

Clothing: Think layers. Rather than one heavy item 2 or 3 lighter layers are better.
You don't need a fresh set of clothes for each day ! You will need a simple change of clothes to put on in the hut. Most people take a hat - sunhat or warm beanie depending on the trip ! A warm hat is essential on trips above bushline. Many people wear shorts and if it gets cold then put on "longjohns" if needed. Jeans are definitely NOT suitable. On the tops in cold conditions you will also need windproof/waterproof outer leggings
Footwear: Most people wear boots and the nature of the country usually requires this. Sneakers / outdoor sandals do not provide the ankle support but would be OK on easy day trips. Gaiters are good for keeping mud/river gravel/snow out of your boots.
Eating Gear: It isn't necessary to take 3 or 4 pieces of cutlery and 2 plates and a cup. 1 deep plastic bowl will serve for all courses and some people use their bowl for cups of tea/coffee. Other people take a mug as well.
Emergency Gear: You should have a "survival blanket" and a whistle in your pack. See the Food Page for comments on emergency food.
Gear List: You can download a more comprehensive Gear list here

Contact Information:
The club has a standard form which you should complete and leave with your family / close friend which covers what to do if there is some sort of emergency on the trip. Get a copy here.

If in doubt check with your Trip Leader !

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