Hut Meals

For one or two night tramps people work as individuals or in two’s. On a longer tramp or a “Gourmet” tramp the Trip Leader may organise menus and ask trip members to bring specific items.

When cooking in a hut you need to think about meals that can be prepared using a single pot on a single gas burner – both of which you will be carrying !

Pots & Pans: A 2 Litre aluminium billy should suffice. Don’t bring a stainless steel kitchen pot complete with handle! If your choice of food requires frying then a small frypan will be needed – don’t forget you might also need a little bit of oil/butter for the pan.
Ideas for breakfast:
Cereal / Muesli – at home weigh what you eat in 1 serving and bring just that weight
Milk Powdered full or skim milk. Measure the amount needed at home. Tip: Mix it the night before and it tastes nicer
Toast A simple gauze toaster works well but you will also need the bread and the spreads.
Full Monty ! Your choice – but remember you have to carry and cook it !
Ideas for Evening Meals:
Dehy meals; The range available today is wide and they are now very common on club trips. The ultimate is to have your own dehydrator and make your own dehy meals !
Pasta: Weigh out the amount you need. Small shapes are better than fettucine/spaghetti as you don’t have the large pots to cook in. Don’t forget the salt !
Salami / Tuna These can be mixed with Pasta and a packet sauce. Experiment at home first !!
Desert: Small containers of ready to eat stewed fruit can provide an ideal finish to a meal
Drinks: Your choice (Tea/Coffee/Chocolate/Soup) Don’t forget to allow for milk & sugar if needed. An extra sachet of soup is always good for emergency food.
Other Food
Over to you whether you bring some crackers & cheese / hummus etc. If you like an aperitif you will need to carry it ! A packet of your favourite biscuits will go down well with a cup of tea/coffee/soup.

Always pack a little bit of extra food. You should be able to survive on the food in your pack for a day longer than the length of the trip.

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